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Boquete Rainbows

Posted 3/2/2014

One of the things Boquete is known for are the rainbows. The valley in which this little town is nestled runs north/south and the hill frequently are shrouded is heavy cloud the mists everything including the air itself. This mist even has a name and it is called bajareque (bah ha' reh kay).

So when the sun shines on east side of the hills in the morning and treks across to shine on the west side in the afternoon there is always a good chance for seeing a rainbow, even in the dry season.

One afternoon I was building a platform for the memory foam mattress and BEHOLD! A complete rainbow arching across the valley. There was even a hint of an other rainbow above the main one. It is sights like this that help make Boquete a magical place to live.