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Earthquake – 4/2/14

Posted 4/3/2014

This morning I felt the Earth move under my feet. I was standing in the bedroom talking with Melinda when the ground started to rumble and shake. It felt and sounded like the washer was it a seriously unbalanced spin cycle.  I said “Oh cool, an earthquake.”

Then Laurel starts calling out in a panic “Oh My! Oh My! Jim! It’s an earthquake!”

Jim was outside putting together a shelf for his bathroom. Almost at the same time I heard him calling out, basically in the same panic, “Laurel! Laurel! Get out of the house! It’s an earthquake!”

This apparently had an infectious effect on Melinda. She ran to her dog and yelled “Sophie! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! It’s an earthquake!”

Sophie was lying very comfortably on her doggy bed and didn’t even cock an ear. Melinda forgot that Sophie is a Panamanian dog used to earthquakes and is not rattled by a little trembler that lasts only three seconds and Melinda also forgot that Sophie does not understand English.

I said to Melinda to calm down because it was all over but Jim was outside warning us to get out of the house before it collapsed which only served to agitate Melinda even more so she yelled again for Sophie to get out of the house. Sophie opened an eye, gave her a baleful look and closed it again. I told Melinda to just go outside and she might follow her which she did at a trot. Not the dog, Melinda. Dog followed much later.

When I got out side Jim and Laurel were standing out in the yard holding on to each other in anticipation of watching the house crumble into dust. Jim kept repeating the same warning “Get out! Get out! The porch is going to collapse!”

I said “Jim. The quake is over. Relax.”

After a while we were all sure that there were no aftershocks to expect and things got back to normal. As it turned out the quake was 50 miles south of us 14 miles deep and registered 5.8. So went my first earthquake experience.