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Feb. 11, 2014 the Gringo Flea Market

Posted 2/11/2014

I went to the Gringo Flea Market today. Perused 30 or so tables and the only thing i bought a apple cake thing for $3 that was pretty tasty. All things considered, wandering around there was a way to kill 45 minutes. There was nothing there and what was there was very expensive by Panama standards.

So what was it like? Well as you walk in there where seven or eight tables manned by a local or eco-hippy selling handmade jewelry. There was a table selling jewelry for your dog, cat or pet monkey. Someone was trying to offload two large tables of books, in English, and not a soul around them. I figure that they’ll still be there this time next year. In the back was a gringo making pizza on a tortilla for a buck a slice, not on my life was I going to try it. Someone else was selling off his coin collection by the piece. There was an herbal extract table selling oils and such for whatever ails you. Another table was selling natural perfumed soap that was cooked up in the woman’s kitchen. I got a kick out of one table that was selling a super secret rain forest concoction that treated scorpion bites, snake bites and bug bites of any kind, how cool is that? Then there was the organic garden table with Kale selling for about $6 a pound. If you think that was expensive you should see what they were selling the other veggies for. It made me wonder if the local produce was so full of poisons that people gladly paid those prices for “Organic”. So those were the highlights of the market. The next time I go there I might interview some of them and see what their story is.