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Posted 1/13/2014

So now we are at immigration. Got here 30 earlier than asked and there is a long line already at 7am Sun is coming up and sending beam right into us, I hide in the shadow of the building’s column. Good news is that this close to the equator the shadow never swings off me.

Mostly Latino on line we may be the only gringos. At 7:30 we start filing in, inside it is cool so great. Things move very slowly as we queue up for our ticket number.

We find a seat near window 23. About an hour goes by before somebody shows up and calls the first number. Not our number so we wait. Finally it is our turn the Tickles went first. Took about twenty minutes at the window.

Then it's our turn. We go thru the same thing, offer our fingers, one at a time, to be scanned, then a picture of our bedraggled mugs topped with thumb on the official document. We go to another window and pay then come back with the receipt and we’re done.

By this time there was standing room only in the room and maybe 5 other gringos.

We go out and hail a taxi for laurel and Jim and they head back home. We need to go with the lawyer to open a bank account and form a corporation so we get a taxi back to the lawyer at 11. She has an appointment so we go next door for a coffee and cappuccino. Melinda is cold so we sit outside. I sweat, it’s hot and there is no breeze. Panama!

Forty five minutes later she has time to see us but there is a problem. The guys are locked out, I have the key. So we walk back to the condo and take a taxi back to the lawyer because I’m dripping all over in this heat.
So we signed the corporation letters and I forgot the Panama way of signing and we had to print another one. Then off to the bank to start the process of opening a bank account. I need to come back tomorrow to finish the paperwork and deposit money. In at 12 out by 3

Time to go home and drink a bottle of wine.