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Jan 14, 2014 At The bank

Posted 1/14/2014

So I’m at the bank at 2:45, 15 minutes early. There is a customer at my manager’s desk. Considering how long I was there myself yesterday, this might be a while. I told the crew to meet me at the mall coffee shop at 3:30 it is now 3:45 and still the manager is busy with the customer. I still have no phone to tell Melinda what’s going on. I wonder how they will improvise. I think that I will have to get used to this, it is Panama.

OK it's now passed 4pm, wonder if it's time to start becoming impatient. Hope that Melinda decides to walk over to see what's taking so long it looks like I still might be here awhile.

Things are getting scary, some guy came in a while ago and some other manager told him to wait for my gal to take care of him. So who knows what will happen.

Well the customer left and I went straight for the cubicle and yes I’m in. So far there is a lot of typing but the close of this adventure draws near, as the clock ticks passed 4:30. The guys are probably flipping out. Don't know why someone just doesn’t walk over. They must be drinking a lot of coffee and liking it. I just was asked if I wanted a checking account also. I say sure why not. I instantly regret it. A whole new round of typing ensues.

 Things are starting to move fast; in an hour I might be getting out of here, the time is 4:40. If I would have known how much time I would be spending waiting I would have brought along a better tool for typing on than the little cell phone.  The good news is that I will be doing a lot of writing here in PANAMA.

Well she is done typing and got up and walked away. Can't say what that means or if I'm almost done here. When she gets back she has all the paperwork she had been typing up from the copier and it’s my turn to sign. We go to the teller to deposit my funds. I have 177 bills that are closely examined by the teller for authenticity. The bank is closed and I stand while she counts the money, I’m so glad they all passed scrutiny. Finally done, the guard unlocks the door and I’m free. I head across the road to the mall and head for the coffee shop. Everyone is there waiting for me. Melinda was scared something happened to me, it is 5:15. I asked them why someone just didn’t come over to the bank and check things out. Well it seems no one was paying attention to where they enter the mall and could not find it again. It’s a big mall.

So we grab some groceries and a bottle of wine and head home.