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Jan. 8,2014 First Days

Posted 1/8/2014

As far as it is all going let me tell you.

The four of us got in and went to our place and crashed. After drinking a bottle of wine.

Thursday we went out for something to eat get a phone,and shop for groceries. The town was closed because of a Holiday. We found out that the big mall was open so we went there. They had a food store so we bought food for a couple of days. Took a taxi home. Drank a bottle of wine.

Friday we went to the US Embassy to get our license notarized at 7:30am got out at 11am. Two of our credit cards got locked so we had to pay cash for the fees. Made it to the lawyer by 12 spent 4 hours there. Found out we had to get 2 copies because immigration will keep one and we need another to get a license. So back to the Embassy. So we got home after 4. Spent all that night on the phone with the credit card banks to no avail. Will try again later. Then we drank a bottle of wine.

Yesterday we went to a meeting at 2pm by taxi. Got a ride home from a brother. Made dinner. Drank a bottle of wine

today we got up at 5am took a taxi to immigration. got on line at 7am. At 7:30 we went in and got out at 11. then we went to the lawyer to open a bank account at 12. we got out of the bank at 3pm and took a taxi home. Bad news is Laurel and Jim will have their papers by Wednesday we will have to stay until the next Wednesday for our papers. Good news is that this will be a new record. On our first meeting with the lawyer we were told that it would take two weeks and we would have to drive back from Boquete, 7 hours away.

Now we are going to make dinner and drink a bottle of wine.

So you can share with the friends. Tell them Jehovah is cutting through all the obstacles but making us keep going back to Him and asking for guidance and wisdom and confirming our confidence. If this whole thing isn't teaching us full reliance and confidence then nothing ever will.

I just heard the cork come out of the bottle. So talk to later.